was born three and half years ago under the direction of Arun Gopalan.


In his film career Arun has worn many caps. He first started work in the films department of Situations Advertising. “After a 5 years stint, it was clear that I loved the medium, but lacked a hands on approach to filmmaking. I decided to quit my cushy job, and became an Assistant Director to noted cinematographer Rajiv Menon.”


Under Rajiv’s tutelage for three years, Arun had a master class in the
technicals of film-making, lighting and camera angles. Work here was
methodical, planned ‘to the T’ and executed.


“I felt I had a very good grasp of the technical’s of film-making, but films which stay with you are about emotions. My next phase working with Pushpendra Mishra and Flying Saucer Films, would teach me this.”


“After learning the form, I realized rules had to be broken. This was how work was made personal and carried your stamp and voice on it. This was a huge learning curve for me and work became more organic. Part of the excitement of making films, is that things don’t always go to plan. You’ve storyboarded for a shot in the sun, and suddenly you have rain. Everything became an opportunity as opposed to an obstacle. It’s a small but huge shift in perspective. If you look at things like this- the world of your film truly becomes your oyster.”


It is this quality which gives Arun’s film a complete unique, contagious and zany energy. And it’s understandable where it comes from- he’s on his toes and making organic decisions all the time.


In 2007 Arun worked with FILM FARM INDIA PVT.LTD. for 2 years and then
moved to MAD FILMS. “During these years the desire to be your own boss, taking risks in what you believed in (and be responsible for the outcome!) was a voice in my head which refused to quieten down!”


After building an enviable showreel, and gaining the trust and respect of many agencies Arun was forced to direct films under his own banner.


Over the last three and half years, the company has worked on some memorable campaigns that have got the industry talking. Most recently the Docomo Films with actor RANBIR KAPOOR. “It was unlike any film we had done before. This was a performance orientated film, which kept the story telling as simple as possible.” It’s hard to believe that the Espn IPL films, which were special effects heavy could be directed by the same director.


Versatility in films is synonymous with


With his producer Zina Khan (alumnus of Genesis Films and Film Farm), both have strived to make every project memorable.


Existing popular conventions are always pushed, seen no better than in
the ME AUR MERI MAGGI campaign. Breaking the conventional colour
codedness associated with the brand, Arun was able to craft a film which captured real people in their natural surroundings and highlight their association with Maggi noodles in a personal way not done before. “Films are not watched cerebrally, they need to be felt. With the Maggi campaign we needed to show how Maggi cuts across all strata’s of society, something which most brands can’t do. I went back to lessons learned with Pushpinder. Starting from existing situations and stories and building from there. A sudden element of nostalgia which translated to honesty in the situations, crept into the work, and that was the winner.” This awareness of the public and a brands placement in it vis-à-vis his ability to draw from his astute background has been one of Arun’s assets. This year, Arun was chosen to direct the next Main aur Meri Maggi campaign starring Amitabh Bachchan.


What is noticeable in the company’s work is a unique stamp across all
films and the desire to take risks; be it in scripts, visuals or in the general vocabulary of storytelling.


“If you’re not innovating, and pushing yourself and the people around you, work becomes stagnant. It’s safe- and no breakthroughs and discoveries are ever made in the safe zone. You’ve got to stick your neck out, be willing to take a fall and get back up again.”


A recent film titled CHEER FOR INDIA! highlights this. Shot out of the
company’s own pocket and released in time with the 2012 Summer Olympic
Games, the film shows the struggles and sacrifices Athletes go through
too prepare for the games. The film is a celebration of India, and is slowly building a following. “We’ve had a lot of brands come and approach us to be associated with the film, but it doesn’t make sense. This is much bigger than a brand, this is a tribute to athletes and is our way of thanking them for their hard work.”


The film was taken out onto the streets of Mumbai, and shown in various locations off a 20 foot LED screen where it garnered a great response.


After reaching a comfortable space, where most would sit back and rest on the steady flow of work, is looking to the future. We want begin working on a feature film screenplay and begin to expand the company with younger and newer directors. This is daunting for us, but with the team work we have repeatedly shown, we know we will be able to do this.


“It’s what we demand at To constantly learn, to push your own self and put yourself in new situations and be receptive to the craziness that the craft demands.”

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